Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just As I Thought!

Can we get anything right?
When I read the headlines of the US air raid in Somalia that killed a top al Qaida leader on the morning of Bush's "new" plan for Iraq, my first thought was that we've been here before, but who knows, maybe they got it right this time. Taking out the top bad guys who have killed Americans is what the real war on terror is supposed to be about.

Sadly, the non-Pentagon-hype truth is out and once again our raid on terrorists with guns a blazin' turned out to be 70 nomads who were seeking water and villagers in a fishing village and not al Qaida leaders. Who gathers this intelligence and then makes these aggressive plans? Haven't we seen raids like this in Afghanistan and Iraq over and over and over? As bad as our reputation is, you would expect something better and not another adventure of the Keystone Cops with deadly force.


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