Monday, April 30, 2007

This Could Get Messy

I hope this woman doesn't wind up dead but it looks like she is more than willing to bring any and everyone down with her. If prosecutors want to go there this madam will GO THERE!
The woman charged in a federal indictment with running a high-class Washington, D.C. call girl service says she plans to call her prominent clients to testify at her trial.

Jeane Palfrey, dubbed the D.C. Madam, says among those she will call to testify are Randall Tobias, who resigned Friday as deputy secretary of state after confirming to ABC News that he had been a customer of Palfrey's escort service.

Tobias said he "had some gals come over to the condo for a massage" but denied any sex was involved.

Tobias is the second prominent man to be identified as a customer of the Palfrey's "sexual fantasy service." Two weeks ago, Palfrey alleged that military strategist Harlan K. Ullman, creator of the "shock and awe" combat theory and now a scholar with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, was also a customer. Ullman has said that the claim was "beneath the dignity of comment."

Also on Palfrey's list of customers who could be potential witnesses are a Bush administration economist, the head of a conservative think tank, a prominent CEO, several lobbyists and a handful of military officials.

"I'm sure as heck not going to be going to federal prison for one day, let alone, four to eight years, because I'm shy about bringing in the deputy secretary of whatever," Palfrey told ABC News correspondent Brian Ross in an interview to be broadcast Friday on "20/20." "I'll bring in every last one of them in if necessary," she said.

Do inquiring minds really want to know who is on her list of clients?

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At 10:25 AM, Blogger PC said...

I do! Of course, the conservatives will try to say this is some left-wing conspiracy against them. I disagree. This is a conspiracy against yourself for being a dirty old man! Every action has an equal reaction!!!

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Qusan said...

It looks like we'll find out who some of these folks are this Friday on 20/20.

At 5:39 AM, Blogger Quinn said...

She's right to point out the hypocrisy of the law - why should she go to prison for a service which the higher members of law enforcement were themselves paying for and using? They lie - and want to make her pay. Why should she?

They actually physically and sexually used the girls (whatever they say). They should have seen sense and left her business alone, if they can't themselves keep the right side of the law and morality.


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I Absoultely Refuse To Believe This

I know a lot of black women who would rather be alone than date a white guy. I would rather be alone that in love with an imbecile.

And Rice was drawn to Bush. "First of all, I thought he was wonderful to be around," she recalled, sitting on the couch in her State Department office. "He was warm and funny and easy to be around. I thought he had just an incredibly inquisitive mind ... You could barely finish an explanation before he was digging into it."

Bush was also a bad boy. And Rice, according to friends and family, had a thing for bad boys. That was why, as a 20-year-old grad student, she preferred her second Fighting Irish football player boyfriend to her first, said Jane Robinett, Rice's best Notre Dame friend: John "Dubie" Dubenetzky, cocky and handsome with wavy blond hair, was less deferential than Wayne Bullock, the sweet fullback who had moved Condi's boxes into Lewis Hall.

Rice's friends insisted the attraction to Bush was platonic, but Brenda Hamberry-Green, her Palo Alto hairdresser, who had spent years commiserating with Rice over how hard it was for successful black women to find a good man, noticed a change when Rice started working for Bush. "He fills that need," Hamberry-Green decided. "Bush is her feed."

Rumors will fly until the day both of them die and beyond but even though I don't like her, I just cannot believe that her standards are that frickin' low.

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At 10:24 AM, Blogger PC said...

Ugh. She is crazy.

At 7:35 AM, Blogger wynsters the tigress said...

i agree! as a black woman, i'm embarrassed.


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Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

That would have been my choice.

Villagers at a wedding in eastern India decided the groom had arrived too drunk to get married, and so the bride married the groom's more sober brother instead, police said Monday.

"The groom was drunk and had reportedly misbehaved with guests when the bride's family and local villagers chased him away," Madho Singh, a senior police officer told Reuters after Sunday's marriage in a village in Bihar state's Arwal district.

The younger brother readily agreed to take the groom's place beside the teenage bride at her family's invitation, witnesses said.

"The groom apologized for his behavior, but has been crying that word will spread and he will never get a bride again," Singh said by phone.

Then again, it doesn't seem as though the teen bride had much of a choice in the matter.

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She's Leaving

This is sad but, unfortunately, not surprising. The author of the Baghdad Burning blog (and her family) will be leaving Iraq.
The Great Wall of Segregation...

…Which is the wall the current Iraqi government is building (with the support and guidance of the Americans). It's a wall that is intended to separate and isolate what is now considered the largest 'Sunni' area in Baghdad- let no one say the Americans are not building anything. According to plans the Iraqi puppets and Americans cooked up, it will 'protect' A'adhamiya, a residential/mercantile area that the current Iraqi government and their death squads couldn't empty of Sunnis.

The wall, of course, will protect no one. I sometimes wonder if this is how the concentration camps began in Europe. The Nazi government probably said, "Oh look- we're just going to protect the Jews with this little wall here- it will be difficult for people to get into their special area to hurt them!" And yet, it will also be difficult to get out.

The Wall is the latest effort to further break Iraqi society apart. Promoting and supporting civil war isn't enough, apparently- Iraqis have generally proven to be more tenacious and tolerant than their mullahs, ayatollahs, and Vichy leaders. It's time for America to physically divide and conquer- like Berlin before the wall came down or Palestine today. This way, they can continue chasing Sunnis out of "Shia areas" and Shia out of "Sunni areas".

I always hear the Iraqi pro-war crowd interviewed on television from foreign capitals (they can only appear on television from the safety of foreign capitals because I defy anyone to be publicly pro-war in Iraq). They refuse to believe that their religiously inclined, sectarian political parties fueled this whole Sunni/Shia conflict. They refuse to acknowledge that this situation is a direct result of the war and occupation. They go on and on about Iraq's history and how Sunnis and Shia were always in conflict and I hate that. I hate that a handful of expats who haven't been to the country in decades pretend to know more about it than people actually living there.

I remember Baghdad before the war- one could live anywhere. We didn't know what our neighbors were- we didn't care. No one asked about religion or sect. No one bothered with what was considered a trivial topic: are you Sunni or Shia? You only asked something like that if you were uncouth and backward. Our lives revolve around it now. Our existence depends on hiding it or highlighting it- depending on the group of masked men who stop you or raid your home in the middle of the night.

On a personal note, we've finally decided to leave. I guess I've known we would be leaving for a while now. We discussed it as a family dozens of times. At first, someone would suggest it tentatively because, it was just a preposterous idea- leaving ones home and extended family- leaving ones country- and to what? To where?

Since last summer, we had been discussing it more and more. It was only a matter of time before what began as a suggestion- a last case scenario- soon took on solidity and developed into a plan. For the last couple of months, it has only been a matter of logistics. Plane or car? Jordan or Syria? Will we all leave together as a family? Or will it be only my brother and I at first?

After Jordan or Syria- where then? Obviously, either of those countries is going to be a transit to something else. They are both overflowing with Iraqi refugees, and every single Iraqi living in either country is complaining of the fact that work is difficult to come by, and getting a residency is even more difficult. There is also the little problem of being turned back at the border. Thousands of Iraqis aren't being let into Syria or Jordan- and there are no definite criteria for entry, the decision is based on the whim of the border patrol guard checking your passport.

An airplane isn't necessarily safer, as the trip to Baghdad International Airport is in itself risky and travelers are just as likely to be refused permission to enter the country (Syria and Jordan) if they arrive by airplane. And if you're wondering why Syria or Jordan, because they are the only two countries that will let Iraqis in without a visa. Following up visa issues with the few functioning embassies or consulates in Baghdad is next to impossible.

So we've been busy. Busy trying to decide what part of our lives to leave behind. Which memories are dispensable? We, like many Iraqis, are not the classic refugees- the ones with only the clothes on their backs and no choice. We are choosing to leave because the other option is simply a continuation of what has been one long nightmare- stay and wait and try to survive.

On the one hand, I know that leaving the country and starting a new life somewhere else- as yet unknown- is such a huge thing that it should dwarf every trivial concern. The funny thing is that it’s the trivial that seems to occupy our lives. We discuss whether to take photo albums or leave them behind. Can I bring along a stuffed animal I've had since the age of four? Is there room for E.'s guitar? What clothes do we take? Summer clothes? The winter clothes too? What about my books? What about the CDs, the baby pictures?

The problem is that we don't even know if we'll ever see this stuff again. We don't know if whatever we leave, including the house, will be available when and if we come back. There are moments when the injustice of having to leave your country, simply because an imbecile got it into his head to invade it, is overwhelming. It is unfair that in order to survive and live normally, we have to leave our home and what remains of family and friends… And to what?

It's difficult to decide which is more frightening- car bombs and militias, or having to leave everything you know and love, to some unspecified place for a future where nothing is certain.

As I've done before, I've quoted her entire post as I have no idea if or how long her blog will remain up and running. I hope she and her family find more peace and freedom in Syria, Jordan or wherever they land to start a new life.


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Another Day, Another Nine Dead

Working "the surge:"
A car bomb exploded Saturday in the Shiite holy city of Karbala as the streets were packed with people heading for evening prayers, killing at least 58 and wounding scores near some of the country's most sacred shrines. Separately, the U.S. military announced the deaths of nine American troops, including three killed Saturday in a single roadside bombing outside Baghdad. With black smoke clogging the skies above Karbala, angry crowds hurled stones at police and later stormed the provincial governor's house, accusing authorities of failing to protect them from the unrelenting bombings usually blamed on Sunni insurgents. It was the second car bomb to strike the city's central area in two weeks. Near the blast site, survivors frantically searched for missing relatives. Iraqi television showed one man carrying the charred body of a small girl above his head as he ran down the street while ambulances rushed to retrieve the wounded and firefighters sprayed water at fires in the wreckage, leaving pools of bloody water. The Americans killed in Iraq included five who died in fighting Friday in Anbar province, three killed when a roadside bomb struck their patrol southeast of Baghdad and one killed in a separate roadside bombing south of the capital.

The deaths raised to 99 the number of members of the U.S. military who have died this month and at least 3,346 who have died since the Iraq war started in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.


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A Day Late And Millions Of Lives Short

Is he kidding?

Poor George Tenet. Flogging his book, At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA, on 60 Minutes, Tenet tells Scott Pelley about how his phrase "slam dunk" was misused by the Bush administration. Tenet, you see, didn't mean that Hussein had WMD, he only meant it was a "slam dunk" that a public case could be made that Hussein had WMD.

I can't really see that the distinction matters, but Tenet apparently does. "I became campaign talk," Tenet tells Pelley, "I was a talking point. 'Look at what the idiot told us, and we decided to go to war.' Well, let's not be so disingenuous. Let's stand up. This is why we did it. This is why, this is how we did it. And let's tell, let's everybody tell the truth."

Great -- except he's about four years too late. Tenet seems to believe there's a major distinction between lying and standing by silently while others lie, and then proudly receiving a Medal of Freedom from the liars.

If George Tenet wants to have any credibility at all, he needs to take that medal and shove it up President Bush's behind!


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Highway Collapsed

I was up early this morning and could not figure out what the heck happened even though this was on every local channel. Unless there is an earthquake, how do highways collapse?

A stretch of vital highway for San Francisco Bay-area commuters collapsed on Sunday after a gas tanker truck crashed and ignited flames that shot more than 200 feet (60 metres) high, officials said.

Flames on a lower ramp melted the upper deck of a highway on the Oakland/Emeryville side leading to the double-decker Bay Bridge that connects the heavily populated East Bay to San Francisco. As the steel structure weakened, a concrete slab fell onto the ramp below.

The driver of the truck, which an official said may have been speeding, was hospitalized with burns and was reported to be in stable condition. Officials said the scant traffic in the middle of the night prevented further injuries and accidents.

They are working on commuter contingency plans for the next few months, telling drivers to avoid the web of highways known as the "Oakland Maze."

"Undoubtedly, today's incident will cause severe difficulties for Bay Area commuters," Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement. "The state will take every action possible to minimize the impact on commuters and repair the overpass as quickly as possible."


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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Comfort To All

One minute they are fighting with the US, the next they are selling our soldiers their women.
Japan's abhorrent practice of enslaving women to provide sex for its troops in World War II has a little-known sequel: After its surrender - with tacit approval from the U.S. occupation authorities - Japan set up a similar "comfort women" system for American GIs.

An Associated Press review of historical documents and records shows American authorities permitted the official brothel system to operate despite internal reports that women were being coerced into prostitution. The Americans also had full knowledge by then of Japan's atrocious treatment of women in countries across Asia that it conquered during the war.

Tens of thousands of women were employed to provide cheap sex to U.S. troops until the spring of 1946, when Gen. Douglas MacArthur shut the brothels down.

The papers show the brothels were rushed into operation as U.S. forces poured into Japan beginning in August 1945.

"Sadly, we police had to set up sexual comfort stations for the occupation troops," recounts the official history of the Ibaraki Prefectural Police Department, whose jurisdiction is just northeast of Tokyo. "The strategy was, through the special work of experienced women, to create a breakwater to protect regular women and girls."

Hmmm! Weren't we just trying to condemn them for this WWII practice? Our men were knee deep in those assaults too.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger ashigaru said...


Korean Newspaper Ads for “Comfort Women,” 1944


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It's Not About Being Jewish

This is a very long and interesting article about Jews in Iran and may help some people understand that to many who have issues with Israel, it isn't about Jews or Judaism. It's about Israel.

Enmity runs deep between arch-foes Iran and Israel. And that confrontation complicates the lives of Iranian Jews, who make up the largest community of Jews in the Middle East outside the Jewish state.

Iran's Jews are buffeted by inflammatory rhetoric from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about "wiping Israel off the map" and denying the Holocaust, and a politically charged environment that often equates all Jews with Israel and routinely witnesses the burning of the "enemy" flag.

But despite what appears to be a dwindling minority under constant threat of persecution, Iranian Jews say they live in relative freedom in the Islamic Republic, remain loyal to the land of their birth, and are striving to separate politics from religion.

They caution against comparing Iran's official and visceral opposition to the creation of Israel and Zionism with the regime's acceptance of Jews and Judaism itself.

"If you think Judaism and Zionism are one, it is like thinking Islam and the Taliban are the same, and they are not," says Ciamak Moresadegh, chairman of the Tehran Jewish Committee. "We have common problems with Iranian Muslims. If a war were to start, we would also be a target. When a missile lands, it does not ask if you are a Muslim or a Jew. It lands."

The continuous Jewish presence in Iran predates Islam by more than a millennium. One wave came when Jews sought to escape Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar II around 680 BC; others were freed from slavery by Cyrus the Great with the conquest of Babylon some 140 years later.

Historically, say Jewish leaders, anti-Semitism here is rare, a fact they say is often lost on critics outside, especially in Israel, where many Iranian Jews have relatives. Still, the Jewish community has thinned by more than two-thirds since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, to some 25,000; the largest exodus took place soon after the Islamic Republic was formed, though a modest flow out continues.

"Our problem is that the Israel issue is not solved, and that affects us here," says one Iranian Jew who asked not to be named ...

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Don't Get It Either

I wasn't surprised that Rosie announced she would not be returning to The View for another year. I didn't expect her to. She'd only signed a one year contract and I didn't expect that she'd want to do it beyond a year. What I also didn't expect was the media blitz behind her announcement. Why was that news? People are obsessed with Rosie and I don't know why!

Reaction to the announcement that Rosie O'Donnell is leaving The View took the TV star by surprise, she said on Thursday's episode of the ABC show.

"Yesterday's announcement was a tad bit bigger than I expected," she said as co-host Joy Behar read off a lengthy list of news programs that had discussed O'Donnell's departure.

"I just didn't watch it," O'Donnell, 45, said about the widespread TV coverage. "Once you buy into it, it becomes lodged in the hard drive of your brain. [But] to be breaking news on CNN?"

She said there were more important issues to be covered than her failed contract negotiations with ABC, such as the health problems of 9/11 rescue workers, some of whom, on Wednesday, taped their stories for The View's Friday broadcast.

Instead, she said, after she left the studio on Wednesday, 65 press crews were "attacking [my] car like I'm Lindsay Lohan or something."

Rosie received coverage, almost daily it seemed, on cable programs like Scarborough Country and whatever Tucker Carlson's latest mutation is. They dissected her every word and took every opportunity to bash her in some way. Donald Trump's fixation with her was/is positively juvenile and I still cannot believe my eyes and ears everytime I hear him on the tube ranting about her. Rosie's views are not much different than the average liberal blogger's views. Why is she labeled as being so out there?

I am sure she will get her own show where she doesn't have to share the stage with an ensemble. The View was a good way to get her feet wet again and a good way for Barbara to boost the sagging ratings. We'll see what the show does for the next season. Maybe they'll tap someone like Whoopi to sit at the table.

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Why Do They Hate Us?

Because they know that America is filled with inbred looking albinos like John Gibson who disregard their humanity.
On the April 23 broadcast of his Fox News Radio show, John Gibson argued that the Iraqi people -- whom he described as "knuckle-dragging savages from the 10th century" -- are at "fault" for the situation in Iraq. While discussing Iraq, Gibson said: "The one thing that drives me up the wall is [people] saying, 'Look at all the deaths you Americans have caused in Iraq.' No! 'Scuse me? We invaded the place, we knocked over Saddam, and then Iraqis began killing each other." Later in the show, Gibson agreed with a caller that the Coalition Provisional Authority's 2003 decision to purge the civil service of all former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party and disband the Iraqi army "was a mistake." Gibson then stated: "[B]ut who is doing this killing? Give me a break. These are Iraqis killing each other. So what did we do? If you're saying it's our fault that we unmasked them as knuckle-dragging savages from the 10th century -- fine! I'll take credit."



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Dubya Got It Honestly

His mother is an idiot!
And yesterday, the former First Lady said it was okay for Mitt Romney to be "Mormon" (a term that is avoided by members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, but used by Larry King) because there are "wild people" in every religion. (Barbara should know--she is one wild Episcopalian.) She went on to explain: "I mean it was in 1897 that bigamy was outlawed in that church. You know we have a lot of Christian wild people too, and a lot of Jewish wild people and a lot of Muslim wild people. The Mormon religion takes care of its own, they don't have people on welfare."

In the world of Bush, that is the ultimate compliment.



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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stop Snitching ... Puleese!

When I went to my sorority's international conference last summer in Detroit, I remember getting off of the local people mover at the convention center with a young man who was sporting a "stop snitching" t-shirt. Being who I am, I couldn't help rather outwardly giving this guy the once over with my eyes and displaying an active look of disapproval. Luckily he didn't give me a look of defiance but, rather, he seemed to become a little self-conscious.

Do these kids even know what they are promoting and do they actually believe it? I think with some it's just a sick fad.
At first glance it defied belief. There was platinum selling rap artist Cam'ron brazenly telling 60 Minutes this past Sunday that if he knew the identity and the whereabouts of a mass killer, he wouldn't lift a finger to help police catch him.

Presumably that meant that if Seung Hui Cho rapped and partied with Cam'ron, and then Cho blurted out to him that he intended to commit murder and mayhem at Virginia Tech, Cam'ron wouldn't squeal to the police.

This is too serious to wave off as mindless blather of an airhead rapper out to sound hip, cool, and controversial, and of course sell more records. Cam'ron sells a lot of records to a lot of impressionable young and not so young men. They hang on his image and words. Worse, his silly anti-snitch plea touches a nerve with many blacks.

I saw this Cam'ron person on Anderson Cooper 360. (Honestly, I think I had him confused with basketball player Carmello Anthony. I truly don't, and can't/won't, keep up). This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen and while I kinda, sorta understand not fraternizing with "the enemy" because the cops, very often, aren't the good guys in many communities, I think what pains me more is that news organizations are giving clowns like this a bigger platform than they deserve. Let somebody steal one of his giant diamond earrings and I'll bet he'll be calling the cops! He needs to stop frontin'!


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Wouldn't It Be Pretty To Think So?

Dennis Kucinich is an odd bird who has absolutely no chance of winning the Democratic nomination but I'm glad he's taking this stand.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich motioned to impeach Cheney today. Cheney, not Bush, he explained, because "if we were to start with the president and pursue articles of impeachment, Mr. Cheney would then become president.... you would then have to go through the constitutional agony of impeaching two presidents consecutively."

This is a one-man move, since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeachment is off the table. The party has strongly denied that it would ever impeach, in order to prevent the possibility from mobilizing the Republican base. Even though the motion is dead in the water, it's a powerful political statement.

Since Kucinich is putting himself in the limelight for another presidential run here, it's worth mentioning that he is not the liberal gold standard his radical supporters think. He has actually voted pro-life at every opportunity.

Kucinich said the imperative for impeachment is to prevent Cheney from leading us to war with Iran. Maybe this is too optimistic, but at this point, Congress has got to be too Democratic and too jaded to fall for that one again. If not, well, what's the use in cutting off the head of the hydra?


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I Don't Believe This

Either we captured Bin Laden a long time ago or he is dead. I just plain don't believe he even exists anymore except when Bushco needs some phantom image of him to invoke fear in Americans.

A top Taliban commander said al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was behind the February attack outside the U.S. military base in Bagram, Afghanistan, during the visit there by Vice President Dick Cheney, according to an interview shown Wednesday by Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera.

Bin Laden planned and supervised the attack that killed 23 people outside the base during Cheney's visit, said Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban's main military commander in southern Afghanistan who has had close associations with al-Qaida.

"You may remember the martyr operation inside the Bagram base, which targeted a senior U.S. official. ... That operation was the result of his wise planning. He (bin Laden) planned that operation and guided us through it. The operation was a success," Dadullah told Al-Jazeera.

He did not say how he knew that bin Laden planned the attack, and it was not immediately clear when the interview took place.

Deputy White House press secretary Dana Perino said it was "an interesting claim but ... I haven't seen any intelligence that would support that."

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Not Even Worthy Of A Response

Rush Limbaugh needs a life - devoid of drugs.
&lt;blockquote&gt;Rush Limbaugh yesterday delivered a jaw-dropping video called "Barack, the Magic Negro." Will he follow in Don Imus' footsteps?

The video, shown to subscribers on his web site, focuses on the Rev. Al Sharpton's vocal discredit of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as an effective leader.

The video (watch it here), entitled "U Da Real Negro Al, Screw Obama," was a parody by Paul Shanklin, a well-known conservative political satirist famous for his voice impersonations, who tries to imitate Sharpton's voice and includes a slideshow of images of Sharpton and Barack pointing out the differences in their "blackness." Toward the middle of the video, Shanklin harmonizes "Barack, the Magic Negro," a twist on the 1963 hit song, "Puff, the Magic Dragon" performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, which seeks to suggest that Barack is somehow a manufactured black man.

Though you really want to ignore these kinds of things, Rush and his ilk spread this stuff to the lowest common denominator in listeners and it stokes the fire of their pre-existing hatred of anyone who is not white and male. It's a sad, sad commentary on our society that we are still here in 2007 and that this kind of ridiculous behavior is even tolerated in any circles at all.

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Success By What Measure?

President Moron speaks again.

In an interview last night on PBS, President Bush complained that people who measure progress in Iraq by how many car bombs and suicide attacks occur are giving a “huge victory” to the enemy by making it more difficult for him to promote the war to the American public.

“If the standard of success is no car bombings or suicide bombings,” Bush said, “we have just handed those who commit suicide bombings a huge victory.” He repeated later that people who “judge the administration’s [escalation] plan” based on such acts of violence “have just given Al Qaida or any other extremist a significant victories [sic].”

Bush said that these images of brutal violence on television are “one of the problems I face in trying to convince the American people” that the war is worthwhile. Watch it:

If this isn't the most convoluted assessment of things I have ever heard, I don't know what is. We unleashed a pack of crazies in Iraq and despite a surge in our troop levels, the violence hasn't subsided and has increased in many places. What, exactly, is the measure of success? No more Iraqis left to kill?

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Elaborate Lies

I wake up in the middle of the night and catch clips of what I read earlier in the day. I want to know WHO authorized these lies! It's disgusting.

An Army Ranger who was with Pat Tillman when the former football star was cut down by friendly fire in Afghanistan said Tuesday a commanding officer had ordered him to keep quiet about what happened.

The military at first portrayed Tillman's death as the result of heroic combat with the enemy. Army Spc. Bryan O'Neal told a congressional hearing that when he got the chance to talk to Tillman's brother, who had been in a nearby convoy on the fateful day, "I was ordered not to tell him what happened."

"You were ordered not to tell him?" repeated Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

"Roger that, sir," replied O'Neal, dressed in his Army uniform.

The revelation came as committee members questioned whether, and when, top Defense officials and the White House knew that Tillman's death in eastern Afghanistan three years ago was actually a result of gunfire from fellow U.S. soldiers.

The committee also heard from Jessica Lynch, the former Army private who was badly injured when her convoy was ambushed in Iraq in 2003. She was later rescued by American troops from an Iraqi hospital, but the tale of her ambush was changed into a story of heroism on her part.

Still hampered by her injuries, Lynch walked slowly to the witness table, took a seat alongside Tillman's family members and said the heroism belonged to others who fought in Iraq, such as her roommate Lori Piestewa, who died in the same ambush in which Lynch was captured.

"The bottom line is the American people are capable of determining their own ideals of heroes and they don't need to be told elaborate lies," Lynch said.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cheney Should Be The Last Somebody ...

Who even listens to Cheney?

Jim Manley, Spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, released the following statement today after comments made by Vice President Dick Cheney:

Vice President Cheney should be the last person to lecture anyone on how leaders should make decisions.

Leaders should make decisions based on facts and reality, two words that seem to be foreign to the Vice President

This is the same guy who said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and that we would be greeted as liberators. And it's the same guy who continues to assert that Saddam Hussein had links to al Qaeda long after our own intelligence agency conclusively refuted this notion. To suggest he lacks credibility would be an understatement.

The Vice President's and others' attacks on those who disagree with their failed policies are signs of desperation. They are lashing out because they know the days are numbered for their failed strategy and that the American people and a bipartisan majority are determined to force this Administration to change course in Iraq.

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Released From Limbo

See! It's BS like this that keeps me intellectually unable to be a true practicing Catholic. I seem to remember this "limbo" mess from religion class in 6th grade. I cannot fathom what kind of doctrine would tell people that if their baby died before it was baptized, it wouldn't go to heaven and would be stuck in limbo forever. I thought it was a mean idea when I was a kid and I think it is utterly ridiculous now. At least the new Pope is now declaring it an invalid concept but how is it that one man is even able to decide this kind of thing? It was a crock then and releasing the faith from such a crock is hardly what I'd call an accomplishment!

Limbo, the state between heaven and hell where almost eight centuries of traditional Roman Catholic teaching consigned the virtuous but unbaptized, is expected to be abandoned soon by Pope Benedict XVI.

The only one entitled to sanction the limbo’s abolition, the Pope has blessed a 41-page report of the International Theological Commission, titled, "The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptized."

An advisory body to the Vatican, the 30-member commission concluded that the concept of limbo reflected an "unduly restrictive view of salvation."

"There is greater theological awareness today that God is merciful and wants all human beings to be saved. Grace has priority over sin, and the exclusion of innocent babies from heaven does not seem to reflect Christ's special love for the little ones," the report, posted on the Catholic News Service Web site, said.

Following a three-year study, the document concluded that "serious theological and liturgical grounds" provide hope that "unbaptized infants who die will be saved and enjoy the beatific vision."

Limbo, which comes from the Latin word meaning "border" or "edge," has never been defined as church dogma.

Nevertheless, it has been a strongly debated issue since the time of St. Augustine, who persuaded a church council in 418 A.D. to reject any notion of an "intermediary place" between heaven and hell.

Augustine’s view was based on the assumption that only baptism removes the stain of original sin ­— which all children are born with. Thus, unbaptized babies would simply go to hell, though their punishment would be the mildest of all.
Immortalized by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy as the "first circle of hell," where souls were not punished but doomed never to see God, the idea of limbo was still strong in 1905. At that time, Pope Pius X stated: "Children who die without baptism go into limbo, where they do not enjoy God, but they do not suffer, either."

Belief in limbo began to change with the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), in which the church conceded that everyone — baptized Christians or not — could actually have a chance to be saved.

The idea of scrapping limbo and examining the afterlife fate of unbaptized infants was first proposed by Pope John Paul II. Indeed, the new Catholic Church's catechism, issued in 1992, does not contain any mention of limbo.

"Limbo has never been a definitive truth of faith. Personally, I would let it drop, since it has always been only a theological hypothesis," then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and now Pope Benedict XVI, wrote in the 1980s.
According to Vatican sources, the commission's findings could be ratified by the Pope by the end of the year.

While urging parents to continue to baptize their children, the document also states that the salvation for unbaptized babies who die is an urgent pastoral question since their number is greatly increasing and parents can experience deep anguish thinking that their unbaptized children are in a place where God is not present.

As the document stated, "People find it increasingly difficult to accept that God is just and merciful if he excludes infants, who have no personal sins, from eternal happiness."

From which lie will the faithful be released from next?

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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Surge Is Working

But not for us.

Nine U.S. soldiers were killed and 20 were wounded Monday in a suicide car bombing against a patrol base northeast of Baghdad, the military said.

The attack occurred in Diyala province, a volatile area that has been the site of fierce fighting between U.S. and Iraqi troops, Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias, according to a statement.

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At 8:42 PM, Blogger PC said...

And this wallbuilding idea is even more crazy than the surge. :( What are we going to do???


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Friday, April 20, 2007

As If The Devil Didn't Have A Big Enough Hand In This Tragedy

These demonic loons who spew a hate-filled brand of "Christianity" are planning to disrupt the funerals of those slain at Virginia Tech.

The families of those killed in the Virginia Tech massacre may not be able to grieve in peace at the funerals of those they lost. An anti-gay religious group known for protesting at the funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq is planning on appearing at services for those killed on Monday as well.

The Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), which is not affiliated with any national Baptist organization, announced plans to protest at victims’ funerals only hours after 32 people were killed in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. They also may protest at other events on the Virginia Tech campus.

The organization, founded and led by Fred Phelps, believes the United States has condemned itself to destruction by accepting homosexuality and other “sins of the flesh.” Phelps’ daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper, said the Virginia Tech teachers and students who died on Monday brought their fate upon themselves by not being true Christians.

“The evidence is they were not Christian. God does not do that to his servants,” Phelps-Roper said. “You don’t need to look any further for evidence those people are in hell.”

I'm not one to encourage violence but if someone wanted to go full frontal on the lot of these crazies, I might be able to look the other way.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tim Wise Weighs In On Imus

Like his others, it's a long essay so I'll just quote one of his talking points.

White Hypocrisy, Personal Responsibility, and Shifting the Blame to Black Folks

One thing has been made clear by the Imus incident: namely, white folks are incapable of blaming other whites for white racism and racist behavior. Despite all the demands by whites that blacks take "personal responsibility" for their lives, their behaviors, and the problems that often beset their communities--and especially that they stop blaming whites for their station in life--the fact is, we can't wait to blame someone else when we, or one of ours, screws up. So please note, from virtually every corner of the white media (and from black conservatives who are quick to let whites off the hook no matter what we do), the conversation has shifted from Imus's racism to a full-scale assault on rap music and hip-hop. In other words, it's those black people's fault when one of ours calls them a name. After all, they do it themselves, and Imus can't be expected not to say "ho" if Ice Cube has done it. At this point, I'm halfway expecting to hear Bill O'Reilly say that white folks wouldn't have even heard words like nigger if it weren't for 50 Cent.

But this kind of argument is not only absurd on the face of it, even more to the point, it's a complete affront to the concept of "personal responsibility." It ranks right up there with telling your mom that "Billy did it too," back when you were ten, and playing ball outside, and broke your neighbor's window. As I recall, mom didn't really give a rat's ass, and responded by saying something about Billy, a bridge, and whether his desire to jump off like a damned fool would inspire similar stupidity on your part.

By seeking to shift blame for Imus's comments, or those of Michael Richards, or whomever, onto black folks, white America has shown our duplicity to be something over which we have no shame. Of course, we've been doing it a long time. Witness the way that whites are quick to point out--whenever the issue of slavery is raised--that "blacks in Africa sold other blacks into bondage," as if that would make blacks every bit as culpable as the folks whose wealth was built by the slave system; as if Europeans had only come to Africa for the weather, and had been coerced into the transatlantic slave trade. Or consider the way that whites blame indigenous people for the mass death they experienced after the invasion of the Americas, by saying, with no sense of misgiving, "Well, it wasn't our fault, I mean, they mostly died of disease," as if native folk would have contracted these diseases short of the desire by whites to conquer the planet for our own aggrandizement. Or consider the way that whites seek to rationalize racial profiling, by arguing that since blacks have higher crime rates, individual and perfectly innocent blacks really can't complain when cops target them, and should instead blame their own for the way blacks get viewed, and treated; same thing with Arabs and terrorism. It's their fault, in other words, personal responsibility be damned.

Rap has been an especially useful scapegoat, such that whenever whites act out in a racist way we seem quick to blame rap. In fact, sometimes, when whites commit violence we blame rap too, as with the two school shooters in Jonesboro, Arkansas in the late 90s, who were reported to love rap music, as if that would explain their decision to ambush their classmates. When whites throw "ghetto" parties on college campuses, which denigrate the humanity of persons living in this nation's poorest and most marginalized communities, they routinely claim to be merely mimicking what they've seen on MTV. Snoop Dogg made 'em do it, see? Or perhaps it was Jay-Z, or Biggie, or 'Pac. Odd how the Sopranos never get blamed when white folks kill someone, nor the Saw movie trilogy, or, for that matter (since we're on the subject of music), Johnny Cash, who sang about shooting a man in Reno "just to watch him die." Hell, Johnny even sang that song in a prison to a bunch of inmates, with no apparent concern for inciting violence on their part.

And speaking of Cash, the rush to blame rap is especially intriguing given the history of violent themes in country music--a genre that is never blamed whenever some white, NASCAR lover commits murder. Consider country legend Porter Wagoner, whose song "Cold Hard Facts of Life," tells of a man who kills his wife for cheating on him. Or better still, "The First Mrs. Jones," in which Wagoner's protagonist, speaking to his new wife--who has just left him--tells her how he stalked and murdered his former betrothed, after which killing he buried her body parts in the woods. In other words, unless the "second Mrs. Jones" comes back to him, she's going to join the first one, pushing up daisies in the forest. If Young Buck dropped a song like this, white America would be screaming about how he was encouraging violence against women. But for Wagoner, a revered member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, no such concern attaches. He's just "telling a story."

Then there's Johnny Paycheck's classic, "Pardon Me, I've Got Someone to Kill," or Jimmy Rodgers who sang, "If you don't want to smell my smoke, don't monkey with my gun," or several of the violent ditties recorded by Spade Cooley in the 1950s: a man who didn't just sing of violence, but also practiced what he preached, by beating his wife to death in front of their teenage daughter in 1961. That rap is viewed so much more negatively than any other genre of music--so many of which have had their fair share of disturbing, violent and sexist imagery--attests to the racialized way in which danger has come to be understood. Only a fool could think race wasn't the primary reason for the double standard. In fact, research has found that when lyrics with violent themes are presented to whites in a focus group, as being rap lyrics, the participants respond far more negatively than when the same lyrics are presented as the lyrics they actually are: from a folk song, sung by whites.

But blaming rap is not only conveniently opportunistic, and intellectually dishonest, given all the pandering about personal responsibility. It also ignores the reasons why rap music sometimes--though not as uniformly as some seem to believe--peddles images of violence, or lyrics that are sexist. After all, if eighty percent of all rap music purchases are made by whites (and that is the conventional wisdom), then white consumers must be responding, via their purchases, to an already held impression of black people. Without such a pre-existing mental schema firmly in place, the images of blacks as gangstas, pimps, dealers and "hos" wouldn't resonate nearly so much as to make possible billions of dollars of sales annually. In other words, perhaps whites need to consider the possibility that the thug image has been marketable, and thus created a financial incentive for black artists to play to that trope because these images comport with the negative things that much of white America believes about blacks in the first place. Things which they believed, it should be noted, long before Cool Herc threw his first house party in the Bronx.

If white folks were interested in buying CDs by rap artists who sang about radical social transformation and community uplift--and yes there are many, many such artists out there--then that's the music that would be churned out in larger numbers. But white consumers aren't, by and large, looking to buy songs about overthrowing the system from which we benefit. White boys in the stale and lifeless 'burbs would rather listen to songs about guns and drugs, and being a thug, through which music they can live a more exciting life, if only in their fantasies. So in the ultimate irony, it is white buyers who make that kind of rap profitable, but instead of asking for any responsibility from them, we blame the artists for doing what they're supposed to do in a capitalist system, which is respond to market demand, no matter the social consequences. Naturally, of course, it isn't capitalism that gets the blame--a thoroughly European creation that has brought misery to millions, as did state socialism (another issue from the womb of Europe)--but rather, the black folks who have taken the bait offered by the market system. Even better is to read Cal Thomas's column from this week, in which he blamed liberal values and permissiveness for the coarseness of rap music, rather than the values trumpeted by the right, like profit-making.

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Don't Think They Saw This In A Rap Video

Via P6, this is nasty. Is this how white men treat their women?

Burim Bezeri, Adrian Missbrenner and Robbins were charged with the assault of the Naperville girl, then 16, during a night of heavy drinking at Missbrenner's home. Sonny Smith was accused of videotaping the incident. Prosecutors offered evidence in the case that the girl was provided alcohol, then woke up naked in bed and didn't remember what had happened. Two days later she went to police.

Bezeri, in statements to police, admitted spitting on the girl while she lay unconscious and putting a lighted cigarette inside her body. Missbrenner and Robbins were acquitted of assault charges in the case. Smith was convicted of manufacturing child pornography.

We've got to stop acting as though misogyny, sexual abuse, assault and misconduct are solely owned by one group.


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Proving That America Isn't Racist

True to form, the crazies who feed on the venom spewed by the Imus' of the world, are coming out of the woodwork.

The Rev. Al Sharpton has increased security at his office after receiving threats in response to his campaign to have Don Imus fired.

"We have received several threats that we consider serious," Sharpton told the Daily News in Sunday's edition. "I have been stabbed once, so we don't take anything too lightly."

Sharpton was stabbed in the chest in 1991 during a protest in Brooklyn.

Charlie King, acting executive director of Sharpton's National Action Network, said a caller telephoned the civil rights leader's radio show on Saturday and threatened to "hunt him down and shoot him like an animal."

I love it!


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Department of Justice Riddled With Fools

Unbelievable! Check out this Bill Maher clip!
On "Real Time" last night, Bill Maher laced into Monica Goodling and the Bush administration for appointing more than 150 graduates of a tier 4 law school to prominent position in the US government.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger PC said...

That is really scary - simply from the administrative point of view - to have low quality (sorry, 4th tier is not anything to brag about) lawyers working for the government.

If anything, this reinforces the opinion that the federal government is sub-par and unable to properly handle the business of America.


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Monday, April 16, 2007



At least 32 people are dead in what may be the biggest mass shooting in modern American history — and the death toll may rise.

Police at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Va., said that the shootings happened at a dormitory and a classroom on opposite sides of the university campus.

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At 3:54 PM, Blogger PC said...

This is so sad. I spent a summer at VTech and actually, it is on my short list of PhD programs. The people and places in Blacksburg are near and dear to my heart. This is just soooooo awful. :(


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Quick Iraq Update

via Juan Cole ...

The six cabinet members belonging to the Sadr Movement in Nuri al-Maliki's government are set to resign. The movement's 32 parliamentarians will continue to attend sessions of the legislature, but presumably would vote against the prime minister in a vote of no confidence. The Sadrists want the Iraqi government to insist on setting a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and are annoyed that PM al-Maliki publicly rejected that approach recently when he was in Japan.

Sam Dagher of CSM describes the parliament as already in "disarray." Unlike a lot of the tear-jerkers written by sentimental journalists last Friday after the bombing of parliament, which suggested that everyone had united in response, Dagher gives us a more clear-eyed view of the scene:

' The heated exchanges at the meeting Friday illustrated the sectarian divide in parliament. Mustafa al-Hiti of the National Dialogue Front (NDF), the Sunni bloc to which the killed parliamentarian Mohammed Awadh belonged, spoke about a "conspiracy" by other government organs to weaken parliament and target Sunni lawmakers. Hassan al-Shimmari of the Shiite Fadhila Islamic party, which recently broke ranks with the dominant Shiite United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) bloc, demanded better security for the building and "more respect" for MPs. Nassar Al-Rubaie from the group loyal to radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr berated his colleagues for not having the courage "to hold the US occupation forces responsible for the attack," since they were chiefly in charge of the Green Zone's security.'

I now count those who would probably vote against al-Maliki if the question was called this way: The Iraqiya List of Iyad Allawi: 25; The Fadhila Party: 15; the National Dialogue Front (secularist Sunnis): 11; Sadrists: 32. That is 83. I don't know what the Iraqi Accord Front (fundamentalist Sunnis) would do. They have 44 seats. If they voted against, that would be 127. It would take 138 to cause the government to fall, which means that if the Sunnis were disgruntled enough, and if a few (11) other Shiites defected, even al-Maliki's powerful coalition of Kurds and fundamentalist Shiites could not protect him. I think the Iraq government is gradually collapsing; likely the end state is just dysfunctionality rather than anything dramatic ...

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Why Isn't It Treason?

While the USC football coach would like to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House grounds, this rube makes a false comparison that exhibits exactly what the flag means to him.

Gordon, a state officer with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said Spurrier’s call for the removal of the flag was “the moral equivalent of calling our ancestors ‘nappy-headed hos.’”

Whenever I see stories on that damned Confederate flag, I have to scratch my head. Where else on this earth can the LOSER of a war still fly their flag? The Confederate states LOST! We have ONE United States and ONE flag. Shouldn't flying that rebel flag be considered treason or something? YOU LOST!!!! There ain't no Confederacy no mo'! ... Git over it!

Do we need to include these kooks in Juneteenth celebrations so they'll get the memo that the war is over?

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Roach Killer On Rosie

As if Rosie needs another "beef," criminal and roach killer Tom DeLay decides to pile on with the rest of the right wing cronies and pick apart her every word.

Rosie O'Donnell has another feud on her hands.

In a posting on his Web site Friday, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called for her to be suspended from her duties as co-host of The View.

In the posting, entitled "If the Left takes Imus, We'll take Rosie," the Republican politician writes: "Where are the repercussions for Rosie O'Donnell's hateful, idiotic accusations that President Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks? And her ignorant parody of the Chinese language? Or her comparison of conservative Christians to Islamo-fascist terrorists?

"Why has ABC not suspended her from The View? Why has she not been frog-marched up to some radio show to apologize?"

(Don Imus, of course, was fired by CBS Radio on Thursday after insulting the Rutgers University women's basketball team; he later apologized on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio program.)

O'Donnell responded on her blog in her usual haiku style:
tom delay
sad slug
of rosie odonnell me – he said

"she accused the president
of orchestrating 9 11"
wrong sir – again

O'Donnell has recently been vocal about her desire to investigate and seek "a rigorous truth" about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

On her blog, she also reprints an article about DeLay's 2006 resignation in the wake of an alleged violation of campaign finance laws, and writes:


They wouldn't be this obsessed with Rosie if she weren't a fat lesbian. Yeah, she gets on my nerves sometimes with her diatribes. The View is supposed to be fun and if she wants to do all politics, all the time, she should take Imus' place. But, don't lie on the woman and don't act as though she is the devil incarnate and in the same class with the vitriolic nut cases that Imus seemed bound and determined to stay aligned with. Put your dick back, Tom DeLay. Screaming about Rosie isn't going make her want to look at it.

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Spokesperson For Nappy Headed Hos

Now you know they didn't need to ask Wanda Sykes for her opinion on Don Imus. She thought he was dead.


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Why Couldn't Imus Stop?

This whole Imus ordeal seems to have gotten a life of it's own. It's getting ugly on both sides as it seems that now the ladies at Rutgers are getting hate mail. I keep hearing that his dismissal is a threat to free speech and that everyone knows he is a shock jock and what his show is about. Well I, for one, did not know that. I never listened to his talk radio program and only know him from the MSNBC simulcast. I flipped between Imus, CNN and C-Span during that time span. Aside from those thoroughly lame skits with impressions of Bill Clinton and that drug fried/brain dead former Beach Boy, I never really saw the part of his show where he was saying the kinds of things I now see were a long standing pattern. I had no idea he considered himself to be a comedian.

I watched because I liked seeing the politicians, journalists and news makers. Imus had a good show from what I could see - even though his mannerisms and physical appearance left a lot to be desired. His spot seemed to be the place to be for intelligent dialog. Even when I read about some of the things he'd said in the past, I assumed it was from a time when he was battling his addictions. I kinda gave him a pass because his show had evolved into something that I could watch and wanted to watch. I wasn't vigilant enough, though, and it seems that he'd been asked, many times, to clean it up and cut the foolishness from his format. Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, asked him six years ago, to take a pledge that he would stop.

CLARENCE PAGE: Are you raising your hand, right?

DON IMUS: I have it up.

CLARENCE PAGE: Okay. Okay, number one -- I, Don Imus--

DON IMUS: I, Don Imus--

CLARENCE PAGE: -- do solemnly swear--

DON IMUS: Do solemnly swear--

CLARENCE PAGE: -- that I will promise to cease all simian references black athletes--

DON IMUS: That I will promise to cease all simian references to back--black athletes--

CLARENCE PAGE: -- a ban on all references to non-criminal blacks as thugs, pimps, muggers and Colt 45 drinkers--

DON IMUS: I promise to do that.

CLARENCE PAGE: Very good! How about an end to Amos 'n Andy cuts, comparison of New York City to Mogadishu, and all parodies of black voices unless they are done by a black person, cause you're really not very good at it.

DON IMUS: I think Bernard should be doing this. [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER]

CLARENCE PAGE: Bernard where are you?

BROOKE GLADSTONE: The pledge was inevitably and immediately broken. But for Page, that wasn't the point. The point was to make his position clear. He liked being on the serious part of Imus in the Morning, but he didn't want his presence to imply endorsement of the outrages committed in the other part.

CLARENCE PAGE: I personally feel that I and other pundits should not go on if we have serious objections to some of the show's material unless Don does give us the opportunity to address those concerns, as he did with me! Now why I haven't been invited on the show since, I don't know! [LAUGHS] I haven't troubled myself to call and ask.

Why couldn't Imus stop? Did he replace his addiction to cocaine and booze with the compulsion to spew racist and sexist comments? I'm really not understanding why he couldn't evolve - as most people do with age - and allow his show to evolve into what I mistakenly thought it was - a quality political forum.

I'm still tired of people trying to blame rap and the actions of a sub-segment of the black community on the black community as a whole. Over at Cobb last night, I addressed the so-called double standard where whites wonder why they cannot say the same things blacks do. I asked what would happen if blacks were to adopt some of the things that seem to be particular to "white culture" simply because they say and do it:
Also, many moons ago when I went to college, I learned the word "cunt." At 17 and from a black neighborhood, I'd never heard it before and didn't know what it meant. Even after the white girls in the dorm explained it to me I still didn't understand it beyond another word for the silly word "coochie" until I saw that from a "cultural" standpoint white girls were reduced to tears when someone called them that and white guys seem to go straight to it whenever they want to put a woman down. I heard that word more than I ever heard ho back then (and see it all over the blogsphere on female sites when men don't agree with them) 'cause every, single weekend part of their "cultural norm" was go binge on beer, tear up the streets where the bars were and yell obscenities at women and blacks (yeah, had a few beer bottles miss me trying to get from the library as I endured racial slurs too).

So, should blacks be able to use it on the airways because that's what white people do? I don't think it would take a whole week if one of the black hosts on ESPN called some white college cheerleaders some silly, little blond cunts. Tell me it wouldn't be OVER! But that's a common word for them, right? If everyone stops saying ho tomorrow, can we use cunt instead?

People who know me know that I am loyal to my particular TV programs. I'm not hooked on Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives. I watch stupid reality shows which include VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York. But, at the polar opposite is me as a political junkie who will watch CNN ad nauseam and flip schizophrenically between the Sunday morning talk shows.

Though Imus had been digging this grave with a teaspoon for three decades (and finally fell in), I HATE that what I thought was a good show has been taken out of my daily line up - and over what ... his compulsion to insult women and minorities as though it were a birth right? He just lost TWO JOBS and I just wonder if those "nappy headed hos" were worth all of that? How is something like that so important to someone? I'm MAD that Imus just couldn't stop the dumb shit! This is SAD all the way around because it didn't have to happen. I don't understand why Imus COULDN'T STOP!!!


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rappers Delight

Here's another article debunking the notion that Imus and others like him should get a pass because of what rappers do.

Rappers Delight: You're Not Imus Scapegoats

To defend radio shock-jock Imus' comments regarding Rutgers University's girl's basketball team as meaning little because "rappers regularly use those words, so why is it wrong from Imus?" is to reveal how deep-rooted the stereotypes are that plague black people.

Was it OK for Imus to stereotype a specific group of black women simply because rappers have used those same words? No. Those who excused Imus' remarks based on the rap of gangsta rappers, such as Snoop Dog and 50 Cent, are forgetting that Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and others do not specifically rap about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Imus' comments were directed specifically at that group of women and only those on the team who were black. To say that a comment specifically targeted is OK because others use the words "nappy" and "ho" liberally ignores Imus' direct assault through the use of stereotypes on a specific group of women.

At issue with Imus' comments are two things: a lack of diverse images and a lack of context. Rap music and hip-hop culture, believe it or not, are not just rife with gangsta artists. Hip-hop culture and rap music include groups as varied as Snoop Dogg and The Roots and 50 Cent and Talib Kweli. What is revealing is that most everyone knows Snoop and 50. The Roots and Talib Kweli are less recognizable and that's because rap's gangsta image is marketed more than its introspective, self-aware, thoughtful image. Is that black people's fault? I think the answer is more no than yes.

People tend to gravitate to what they see will provide them income. If record companies sought out more conscious (socially aware) rappers, then we'd see more conscious rappers. But instead, record companies, which feature mostly white leadership, focus on marketing stereotypical gangsta images to a rap-consuming public that is also mostly white. And that's not to say that gangsta rap is not legitimate. It is as legitimate as conscious rap, but we hardly hear conscious rap.

It's true that too many black people buy into the stereotypes, but when those stereotypes are mostly what is aired on radio, television and the Internet, it becomes easier to believe you have to mimic the stereotype to succeed. Whites don't just have Paris Hilton, Eminem or Kurt Cobain, and no one would believe that all white women are self-indulgent heiresses who have sex on camera, mother-hating rappers or heroine-addicted, angst-ridden, flannel-wearing, irresponsible 20-somethings.

The problem with Imus' comments is that they were said by a white man who failed to give them historic context. Let's be honest. White men created the word "nigger" and created a system where being closer to white is considered more advantageous than being closer to black. Had Imus, after saying what he said, explained his comments were satirizing that social dynamic, then he probably wouldn't be going through his public flogging. Instead he said, "Black people say it, so why can't I?"

Rappers, those who are gangsta and those who are conscious, rap about their reality. We still have the reality of high unemployment among black people. It is still a reality that stereotypes and racism keep black children in under-funded schools and keep black people from high-paying jobs and from reaping the same rewards and benefits as do white people. Some rappers will wallow in the negative images that are a product of those realities and others will try to focus a light on how they can be overcome. But why is it that radio and the music industry appear to put more money behind gangsta images than conscious images? Perhaps it has more to do with their idea that being black is gangsta and about making money any way they can than it has to do about being conscious and trying to show the diversity within the black community.

In truth, the black Rutgers University girl's basketball players are great byproducts of the black community as educated, black-female athletes. But Imus chose to describe them according to what he saw: dark-skinned athletic women, which his comments and the comments of his producers revealed equal "nappy-headed hos," "jigaboos" and "wannabes."

Those words coming out of a white man's mouth and without the benefit of explaining an understanding of where they came from can only be based in stereotype and are a product of racism. Those words uplift Imus as a white person who is assumed to be educated and upstanding and imply that the Rutgers women's basketball players are not educated, are ugly because of their black attributes, and are sexually promiscuous. So it's not rap's fault. It is Imus' fault for not being aware enough to explain that his "joke" truly was not funny at all.

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At 8:13 PM, Blogger Greg said...

You are missing the point. There is no context in which 50 cent songs such as "U Should Be Here" and I can send you a list have any redeeming cultural worth beyond idemeaning women, particularly black women.

Imus is irrelevant in the African-American community while gangsta rappers are not. Just because there is a wealth of creative and artistic rap music out there which celebrates the culture does not diminish the damage done by many of Interscope's artists, the ones under fire right now.

I will be glad to post lyrics or samples if you want to see what I am saying.

And while we're at it, racism is racism whether it's Jesse Jackson call Jewish men and women "hymies," the rough equivalent of the N-Bomb in this community and NYC "Hymietown."

Imus is an idiot, and even he took responsibility. Time to offer him the same mercy Jackson got in 94.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Qusan said...

No, YOU are missing the point. 80% of rap is bought by young white men - not middle aged black women who don't want to hear some young thugs rapping about how big their dick is, how much money they have and what bitches and hos the women are who chase them around the globe begging to give it up to them.

I don't want samples of the lyrics because I am not interested in the topic. They aren't getting out there saying I hate all black women. They are talking about women of ALL COLORS who are willing to do any and everything to be in their videos and in their entourage. Heck, I'd call them hos too because they need to find some self-respect, get an education and a job.

Imus has been spewing racism and sexism for 30 years. Jesse Jackson made a dumb ass comment, in a private room - not on the radio, more than a decade ago and hasn't been heard making slurs again. He apologized for Hymietown. He gets blamed for a lifetime when Imus hasn't apologized for the bulk of what he's said and,until now, never planned to.


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Nigger Brown Is The New Black

Maybe I'm just punch drunk from all of this Imus stuff but can anyone explain just what shade of brown, nigger brown is?

When the new chocolate-coloured sofa set was delivered to her Brampton home, Doris Moore was stunned to see packing labels describing the shade as "Nigger-brown."

She and husband Douglas purchased a sofa, loveseat and chair in dark brown leather last week from Vanaik Furniture and Mattress store on Dundas St. E.

Moore, 30, who describes herself as an African-American born and raised in New York, said it was her 7-year-old daughter who pointed out the label just after delivery men from the Mississauga furniture store left.

"She's very curious and she started reading the labels," Moore explained. "She said, `Mommy, what is nig ... ger brown?' I went over and just couldn't believe my eyes."

She said yesterday each piece had a similar label affixed to the woven protective covering wrapped around the furniture.

"In this day and age, that's totally unacceptable," Moore said.

Almost everyone I know is a different shade of brown so I just want to know which of them they are talking about. The store manager, whose names sounds East Indian, (and is probably some shade of nigger brown too) is trying to blame it on the Chinese manufacturer but I'm gonna say NOT! That sounds like some good old American honky tonk lingo. I don't know where it started but I'm not sure I'd want my rear end on that sofa!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who You Callin' A Bitch?

With so many folks willing to point the finger at the black community as though they are collectively complicit in black women being called bitches and hos, check out this 14 year old song. The talented singer, rapper and actress Queen Latifah penned this in 1993. Since this whole Imus drama has, in a way, unified the community, let's try some of this:

Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y. Lyrics

Uh, U.N.I.T.Y., U.N.I.T.Y. that's a unity
U.N.I.T.Y., love a black man from infinity to infinity
(Who you calling a bitch?)

U.N.I.T.Y., U.N.I.T.Y. that's a unity (You gotta let him know)
(You go, come on here we go)
U.N.I.T.Y., Love a black woman from (You got to let him know)
infinity to infinity (You ain't a bitch or a ho)
U.N.I.T.Y., U.N.I.T.Y. that's a unity (You gotta let him know)
(You go, come on here we go)
U.N.I.T.Y., Love a black man from (You got to let him know)
infinity to infinity (You ain't a bitch or a ho)

Instinct leads me to another flow
Everytime I hear a brother call a girl a bitch or a ho
Trying to make a sister feel low
You know all of that gots to go
Now everybody knows there's exceptions to this rule
Now don't be getting mad, when we playing, it's cool
But don't you be calling out my name
I bring wrath to those who disrespect me like a dame
That's why I'm talking, one day I was walking down the block
I had my cutoff shorts on right cause it was crazy hot
I walked past these dudes when they passed me
One of 'em felt my booty, he was nasty
I turned around red, somebody was catching the wrath
Then the little one said (Yeah me bitch) and laughed
Since he was with his boys he tried to break fly
Huh, I punched him dead in his eye and said "Who you calling a bitch?"

(Here we go)

I hit the bottom, there ain't nowhere else to go but up
Bad days at work, give you an attitude then you were rough
And take it out on me but that's about enough
You put your hands on me again I'll put your ass in handcuffs
I guess I fell so deep in love I grew dependency
I was too blind to see just how it was affecting me
All I knew was you, you was all the man I had
And I was scared to let you go, even though you treated me bad
But I don't want my kids to see me getting beat down
By daddy smacking mommy all around
You say I'm nothing without ya, but I'm nothing with ya
A man don't really love you if he hits ya
This is my notice to the door, I'm not taking it no more
I'm not your personal whore, that's not what I'm here for
And nothing good gonna come to ya til you do right by me
Brother you wait and see (Who you calling a bitch?)

(Here we go)

What's going on in your mind is what I ask ya
But like Yo-Yo, you don't hear me though
You wear a rag around your head and you call yourself
A "Gangsta Bitch" now that you saw Apache's video
I saw you wilding, acting like a fool
I peeped you out the window jumping girls after school
But where did all of this come from?
A minute ago, you was a nerd and nobody ever heard of ya
Now you a wannabe... hard
You barely know your ABC's, please
There's plenty of people out there with triggers ready to pull it
Why you trying to jump in front of the bullet (Young lady)
Uh, and real bad girls are the silent type
Ain't none of this work getting your face sliced
Cause that's what happened to your homegirl, right? Bucking with nobody
She got to wear that for life (Who you calling a bitch?)

(Here we go)


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Don't Worry Imus, Fox Will Pick You Up!

Didn't know MSNBC had it in them. I almost feel bad but then remember how broke I am trying to make a decent living that doesn't include spreading hate and ignorance. His old dried up face will be back on the tube. Fox News probably can't wait to make room for him.

Talk show host Don Imus' situation worsened Wednesday, when MSNBC announced that it would no longer simulcast the "Imus in the Morning" radio program.

In a statement, NBC News announced "this decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees. What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company. This is the only decision that makes that possible."

The network statement went on to say, "Once again, we apologize to the women of the Rutgers basketball team and to our viewers. We deeply regret the pain this incident has caused."

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My Hos Ain't Your Hos

You don't have to read it if you don't want to but Snoop Dogg weighs in.

Snoop frequently refers to women as "b**ches" and "hos" in his music, but he insists Imus' use of the term was unacceptable and the 66-year-old DJ should be taken off the air.

The Doggystyle star says, "It's a completely different scenario.”

"(Rappers) are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports.

"We're talking about hos that's in the 'hood that ain't doing s**t, that's trying to get a n**ga for his money. These are two separate things.

"First of all, we ain't no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC going hard on black girls.

"We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them muthaf**kas say we are in the same league as him.

"Kick him off the air forever."

I agree with Snoop in that I just refuse to buy that old white men are being put in headlocks by young black rappers to use offensive language against any and every black woman on the face of the earth. That excuse is a lie and an attempt to mask real intentions (or gross insensitivity).

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At 5:45 PM, Anonymous P6 said...

Reading your quote was enough. I have to admit I thought it was funny.

Now I have to figure out why.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There IS A God!

I watched the first season of this and found out it wasn't an entertaining or funny reality show. It was worse than watching The Osbornes after realizing that Ozzy really was drugged up and drugged out. I thought that Gretchen was highly irresponsible for keeping her children around a man who was so volatile and violent. He was crazy enough to kill all of them. He still may. The eldest child was blaming her for leaving daddy. It was horrible!

Danny Bonaduce's wife of 16 years filed for divorce Tuesday.

Gretchen Bonaduce, 41, who tangled with her husband on their reality show Breaking Bonaduce, cited irreconcilable differences, according to the papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

She is seeking full custody of their daughter, 12, and son, 6, with visitation rights for Bonaduce, in addition to spousal support and legal fees.

Earlier Tuesday, Bonaduce said on radio's syndicated Adam Carolla Show that Gretchen had informed him he'd be served with divorce papers.

"I don't want a divorce," Bonaduce said, adding: "I'm heartbroken at the prospect of getting a divorce."

His rep, Ken Capurso, tells PEOPLE: "Even though they still care about each other and their two children, Gretchen felt it wasn't a great atmosphere to raise the kids."

The couple aired their marital issues and Danny's substance abuse troubles on Breaking Bonaduce, which last was broadcast in 2006 on VH1.

Bonaduce, 47, a former child star from the '70s TV show The Partridge Family, will celebrate one year of sobriety on April 18, Capurso says.


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Is Their Hair Really Nappy - or - The Power Of The Almighty Half Dollar

Lord! I thought this would be over by now but "like a snowball rolling down a hill, it keeps growing." When I first started putting clips together for this post, I hadn't gotten home yet to see some of the things Imus was saying during his "apology" rounds. He's not sorry. He's defending himself. I just saw a clip of him on CNN where he was claiming that they call their women that all the time. Well, who is they? Harold Ford - one of his favorite black people? How many of these they people does he know personally and why does he feel the need to emulate those he calls they?

As vilified as black men and rappers are by conservatives or anyone who has an issue with blacks, why on earth would you reduce yourself to imitating them? When did 50 Cents become so powerful that his lyrics have become the standard by which an old white man conducts his behavior? To Imus, and all of the defenders who use the same logic, if that is how you really feel, call Harold Ford's mother a ho the next time you invite him on your show. Call Bill Cosby's or one of the other "favored" black people's daughters that.

I was willing to just exercise my right not to watch his show. I will still do that. I even said, a couple days ago, that he shouldn't be fired. Now I don't care what happens to him.

PBS's Gwen Ifill was once a target of Imus' racial venom. Calling an educated black woman a cleaning woman is not funny. It is the direct linking of a black woman to an old stereotype and to a time when being a "cleaning lady" was almost all most black women could aspire too. He may as well have called her a "nigger bitch" because that is what you mean when you say that about a woman who has worked hard to advance in her career and make a role model of herself. Here is some of what she had to say about it.

The serial apologies of Mr. Imus, who was suspended yesterday by both NBC News and CBS Radio for his remarks, have failed another test. The sincerity seems forced and suspect because he’s done some version of this several times before.

I know, because he apparently did it to me.

I was covering the White House for this newspaper in 1993, when Mr. Imus’s producer began calling to invite me on his radio program. I didn’t return his calls. I had my hands plenty full covering Bill Clinton.

Soon enough, the phone calls stopped. Then quizzical colleagues began asking me why Don Imus seemed to have a problem with me. I had no idea what they were talking about because I never listened to the program.

It was not until five years later, when Mr. Imus and I were both working under the NBC News umbrella — his show was being simulcast on MSNBC; I was a Capitol Hill correspondent for the network — that I discovered why people were asking those questions. It took Lars-Erik Nelson, a columnist for The New York Daily News, to finally explain what no one else had wanted to repeat.

“Isn’t The Times wonderful,” Mr. Nelson quoted Mr. Imus as saying on the radio. “It lets the cleaning lady cover the White House.”

I was taken aback but not outraged. I’d certainly been called worse and indeed jumped at the chance to use the old insult to explain to my NBC bosses why I did not want to appear on the Imus show.

I haven’t talked about this much. I’m a big girl. I have a platform. I have a voice. I’ve been working in journalism long enough that there is little danger that a radio D.J.’s juvenile slap will define or scar me. Yesterday, he began telling people he never actually called me a cleaning lady. Whatever. This is not about me.

It is about the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. That game had to be the biggest moment of their lives, and the outcome the biggest disappointment. They are not old enough, or established enough, to have built up the sort of carapace many women I know — black women in particular — develop to guard themselves against casual insult.

Why do my journalistic colleagues appear on Mr. Imus’s program? That’s for them to defend, and others to argue about. I certainly don’t know any black journalists who will. To his credit, Mr. Imus told the Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday he realizes that, this time, he went way too far.

Yes, he did. Every time a young black girl shyly approaches me for an autograph or writes or calls or stops me on the street to ask how she can become a journalist, I feel an enormous responsibility. It’s more than simply being a role model. I know I have to be a voice for them as well.

So here’s what this voice has to say for people who cannot grasp the notion of picking on people their own size: This country will only flourish once we consistently learn to applaud and encourage the young people who have to work harder just to achieve balance on the unequal playing field.

Let’s see if we can manage to build them up and reward them, rather than opting for the cheapest, easiest, most despicable shots.

This article by ESPN writer, Jemele Hill, summarized what many black women are feeling:
Imus' comments were harmful to all women -- especially for female athletes who still struggle to gain acceptance in our society -- but they really cut black women deep.

Our looks have been the subject of ridicule for decades. While history has kindly portrayed white women as bastions of purity and decency, black women have been characterized as hypersexed and indecent since the 17th century. So the phrase "nappy-headed" didn't bother me nearly as much as the "ho" part.

In case you're wondering, I would have been equally outraged if Imus were black, Asian, Latino, Portuguese or Italian. The ethnicity or skin color of the perpetrator matters none.

And since some of you -- actually, a lot of you -- have done the predictable thing and used Imus' predicament as a platform to hold African-Americans responsible for hip-hop, I'll briefly address that. Although I hope you know hip-hop didn't become the No. 1 music genre in the world because only black folks support the music.

For the record, I am equally offended by the rappers who make music videos and songs that demean women -- although hip-hop artists didn't invent the concept of objectifying women.

Many African-Americans have been outspoken about those destructive elements of hip-hop. Instead of just taking his lumps, Imus tried to challenge Al Sharpton on his stance on hip-hop when Imus appeared on Sharpton's radio show Monday. I don't stick up for Al Sharpton often because I consider him an agitator, but Sharpton's views on "gangsta" rap have been consistent and clear.

Last week, Sharpton and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons held a public protest against rapper Tony Yayo -- who is associated with 50 Cent -- for his alleged assault of the 14-year-old son of a rival record company executive. Sharpton even called for a 90-day, FCC-mandated ban on all gangsta music.

But that doesn't air on CNN and Essence magazine's Take Back the Music crusade -- a nationwide campaign that promotes up-and-coming hip-hop artists with positive values -- and it doesn't make the front pages of newspapers.

But none of this has anything to do with Imus, whose apology I can't accept or take seriously. Imus has become a Hall of Fame broadcaster using race-baiting, offensive tactics. He is routinely offensive to people of color and women, and if he needs to lose his job to understand that there is no place for that, so be it.

As a society, there are times when we need to stand together against indecency and cruelty.

Perhaps the coach of the Rutgers team spoke best about her players.

Coach C. Vivian Stringer praised the accomplishments and character of the team members, five of whom are freshmen.

"Before you are valedictorians of their class, future doctors, musical prodigies, and yes, even Girl Scouts," she said. "They are young ladies of class, distinction, they are articulate, they are brilliant, they are gifted. They are God's representatives in every sense of the word."

In winding this up, I am going back to the "blame the rappers" excuse:

I'm not defending the use of the word ho by men who seek to degrade women and I cannot say I am a fan of 50 Cent but that man has never called me a ho. I'm not sure I've ever been called a ho. I don't know who he's talking about in those songs/videos and I don't take it as a personal affront because he is talking about nameless/faceless women.

Don Imus has called real, live, breathing individuals these names. He called Gwen Ifill a "cleaning lady" because she wouldn't come on his show. He called the beautiful journalist Janet Langhart Cohen a "big haired ho" and her white husband - a former Secretary of Defense - Mandingo (imagine where any other host would be if they called Donald Rumsfeld's wife any kind of ho). His show played Jungle Fever when reporting that the couple got married.

He was personal and specifically insulting real live black women he's never met as was the case with these girls on the basketball team. 50 Cent and most rappers are talking out of their behinds to make a buck. Most of them are young and haven't quite grasped the magnitude of their celebrity or their words.

I find it laughable that these ignorant, white mouthpieces for bigotry are so quick to bash rap, claim they cannot understand a word the rappers say yet seem to be quite aware of the content when they want to borrow some of it to insult educated, successful black women. As much as 50 and Ice Cube have plucked my last nerve whining about Oprah not letting them on her show (or not sticking to his acting career when Ludacris went on), I don't recall them calling her a ho nor any other prominent black woman a ho. Equally as telling, name one time when one of these rappers has won an award without getting to the podium and thanking God ... and "my mama?"

I had ethnic, white friends/roommates in college. They used the term "pollack" all of the time amongst each other. The only other place I'd heard that was on All In The Family and I knew it was bad. Even though some of my so-called dorm friends, most of whom had never even seen a black person in real life before me, in the beginning, were quick to use the word nigger if another black person in the dorm did something they didn't like, I never, ever - even in ANGER behind some of their ignorance - called them white, trashy, dumb ass pollacks. If Imus doesn't think he is a bigot, he doesn't know what one is.

P.S. The women of the Rutgers women's basketball team have spoken for themselves - quite eloquently I might add. From what I can see, like many, many black women, they've straightened their hair. So, it's not nappy at all! If you are going to be a bigot, open your eyes and know what you are talking about! (This from a woman who proudly sports dreadlocks). I am nappy. I am happy and I ain't NEVAH been no HO!

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Larry, You ARE The Father!

I couldn't resist this Maury Povich nonsense!
Larry Birkhead says a Bahamian court declared he is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter, Dannielynn.

"I told you so," Birkhead said outside the court.

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At 5:26 PM, Blogger PC said...

I'm really hurt. I wanted Stern to be the father.


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Testimony, No Reason

This is some shady isht!

A top aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales abruptly quit Friday, almost two weeks after telling Congress she would not testify about her role in the firings of federal prosecutors.

Monica M. Goodling, the Justice Department's liaison to the White House, gave no reason for her resignation. Since she was at the center of the firings, Goodling's refusal to testify has intensified questions about whether the U.S. attorney dismissals were proper and heightened the furor that threatens Gonzales' own job.

"It has been an honor to have served at the Justice Department for the past five years," Goodling wrote Gonzales, advising him of her resignation effective Saturday.

I'm not sure what this means. Is she still going to take the "ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies" route?


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Do We Really Have Any Enemies?

Apparently not! Not when our enemy can help us defeat another victim of our foreign policy.

“Three months after the United States successfully pressed the United Nations to impose strict sanctions on North Korea because of the country’s nuclear test, Bush administration officials allowed Ethiopia to complete a secret arms purchase from the North, in what appears to be a violation of the restrictions, according to senior American officials.”

Why do we do these things?


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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Anne Coulter Says Wrap It Up, Keep It Moving

Here, friends, is a representative of the far, Christian right displaying the compassion of Jesus. This woman, people, is an example of a sociopath. She fits right in with the loud, angry, screaming banshee sect of crazies that have taken over the GOP.

This is truly one of the most disgusting columns I have ever read. I refuse to link to any website from which she can benefit, but this hate-mongerer should be exposed for what she is, so I will link to the Salon post about her here. [..]Coulter's take on Darfur:

These people can't even wrap up genocide. We've been hearing about this slaughter in Darfur forever - and they still haven't finished. The aggressors are moving like termites across that country. It's like genocide by committee. Who's running this holocaust in Darfur, FEMA?

This is truly a war in which we have absolutely no interest.

She's asking for a more speedy genocide.&nbsp; Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the voice of the Republican Party.&nbsp; Never–ever–let them try to untie themselves from this abomination of a partisan hack.&nbsp;



At 5:52 AM, Blogger mark said...

Hello Qusan, I wasnt aware of the latest Hate bomb by this witch. It is unbelievable she is truly a backwards human bieng. To riddicule a tragedy such as the one in sudan and for what she dosent need the money. This broad has totally lost it, she has managed a new low even for her.

At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if Ann Coulter's mindset hasn't been caused by starvation. She's so rail-thin it leads me to believe she's got some type of eating disorder. When the body and mind doesn't get enough nourishment, it causes all kinds of delusional behavior.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Far right-wing conservatives are just as nuts as far left-wing liberals. Let's through the whole lot of them out.


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What A Maroon!

They made him ditch that goofy bow tie but he's still such a tool! What kind of sense does this make?

While talking about Florida Governor Charlie Crist's proposal to restore the voting rights of non-violent ex-felons on MSNBC today, Tucker Carlson told Democratic strategist Peter Fenn that the disenfranchised blacks in Florida in 2000 should have just voted anyway. Has Tucker ever voted in his life? When you go to your designated polling place, you need to check in and make sure your name is on the list. If it's not — which is what happened to tens of thousands of black voters — you can't vote. Period. You can't say "I'm not a felon" and pull the lever.

If these folks had "just voted anyway," he'd be trying to bring them up on charges.


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Friday, April 06, 2007

He Just Plain Doesn't Want Negroes To Get An Education

Normally, this would be seen as a good thing.

Abrams said UCLA officials would study the admissions data to learn the reasons for the changes this year, which also included an increase in Latino and white freshman admissions and a drop in that for Asians.

He said some of the shifts might be year-to-year fluctuations and others could be the result of the new admissions system, which UCLA officials have said is fairer for all applicants because it allows their achievements to be viewed in context.

But the chancellor emphasized that UCLA had not — and under California law could not — take race into account in its admissions. Proposition 209, a 1996 voter-approved initiative, bars the state's public institutions from considering race in admissions or employment decisions.

Ward Connerly, the conservative former UC regent and architect of Proposition 209, was skeptical.

"One of three things must be happening," Connerly said Thursday. "Black kids have either gotten extremely smart or extremely competitive in a way they weren't five or six years ago, or there's been a deliberate, carefully orchestrated effort by a lot of admissions people to conspire to increase those numbers, or they've found a proxy for race."

But about a dozen members of a community coalition that has pushed UCLA for change held a news conference Thursday to praise the school and its leaders.

Poor Ward. He cannot fathom the concept that there could actually be some smart black students - more than his two who he dotes on because they supposedly look white. So did the white students get surprisingly smarter too?

Hat tip to P6

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Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Imus isn't sorry. Why do we allow these people to spew venom on a regular basis then wash it away with an "oops! I'm sorry, I was bad?" He meant it. We need to acknowledge that we still live in a highly racist and sexist society. We have an entire genre of radio and TV programs who cater to people who think and say these types of things all of the time. The Rush Limbaughs, Mike Savages and Glenn Becks of the world are over-employed and showcased because they have a large and gleeful audience who hangs on every filthy, racist, misogynistic word they say.

Imus owes no one an apology. Leave his show on the air. America needs to wake up to the kind of country we live in and people of his ilk will only breed and multiply. They are out in the open (after only a brief period of political correctness) and we've slipped right back into the hateful hole that we'd never really come out of in the first place. I just won't be watching or listening to Imus anymore but for those who agree with him and every thing he says, keep his pockets lined.

Radio host Don Imus apologized Friday for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy headed hos" on his nationally syndicated program.

The National Association of Black Journalists demanded his immediate firing after the man known as "Imus in the Morning" put his foot deep in his mouth Wednesday. Imus questioned the players' looks, describing them as tattooed "rough girls." His producer compared the team which has eight black members to the NBA's Toronto Raptors.

Near the start of Friday's show, Imus said he wanted to "apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived remark we made the other morning referring to the Rutgers women's basketball team."

"It was completely inappropriate, and we can understand why people were offended. Our characterization was thoughtless and stupid, and we are sorry."

Gregory Lee, an NABJ officer and senior assistant sports editor at The Boston Globe, said the mea culpa did little to atone for the comments.

"You can apologize, but what does that mean when you have a history of making disparaging remarks about people?" Lee asked about the acid-tongued Imus. "This kind of behavior must be punished. I hope the company and sponsors he has take some sort of action ... to educate him."

NABJ President Bryan Monroe asked Thursday if Imus had "lost his mind" and called for the veteran radio host's dismissal.

Imus was speaking with producer Bernard McGurk when the NCAA title game between Rutgers and Tennessee came up.

"That's some rough girls from Rutgers," Imus said. "Man, they got tattoos ..."

"Some hardcore hos," said McGurk.

"That's some nappy headed hos there, I'm going to tell you that," Imus said.

Imus, a member of the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame and one of the nation's best-known radio voices, is renowned for his caustic style and politically incorrect verbal broadsides. His show is syndicated to millions of listeners at more than 70 stations around the country.

WFAN-AM, the home of Imus' show, declined comment. At MSNBC, where the radio program is simulcast on television, officials offered Imus no support.

"'Imus in the Morning' is not a production of the cable network and is produced by WFAN Radio," said a statement from the network. "As Imus makes clear every day, his views are not those of MSNBC. We regret that his remarks were aired on MSNBC and apologize for these offensive comments."

In a joint statement, NCAA President Myles Brand and Rutgers President Richard McCormick condemned Imus' slur.

"The NCAA and Rutgers University are offended by the insults on MSNBC's Don Imus program toward the 10 young women on the Rutgers basketball team," their statement read. "It is unconscionable that anyone would use the airways to utter such disregard for the dignity of human beings who have accomplished much and deserve great credit."

Keep on keeping it real Imus. Show us who you really are and always have been.

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At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange stupidity for a man who is normally very sensitive. I know from many years of listening that he is not at all rascist. He has done more good than 99.9 percent of all of us. Let's accept his apology and move on. Easter is also for forgiving.

At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man is calling it as he see it. If a black man would say this about white women would there be such a fuss? I am tired of being sensitive to blacks.

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...




At 8:01 AM, Blogger Qusan said...

Okay. 1) I am about to stop anonymous commenting because too many of the people major in stupidity.

2) Imus has a long history of making racist comments about blacks ... like calling PBS's Gwen Ifill a maid. If you are not racist you do not take age old stereotypes and apply them to people who don't fit them.

I think the issue is that the dumb among us don't get out much and don't really get that racism isn't about wearing a hood and a sheet and riding in the night burning crosses. Anytime you cannot see a black person (or any person, for that matter who is not from the exact same background as yourself) and automatically mentally link them to a stereotype (good or bad), then you are biased. We are all guilty of it at times but the intelligent and enlightened among us stop the thought before we open our mouths and process it as through to weed out the ignorance and prejudice.


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Uh, Yeah! How 'Bout They Were Just Crazy?

Do you believe this?

The most infamous feud in American folklore, the long-running battle between the Hatfields and McCoys, may be partly explained by a rare, inherited disease that can lead to hair-trigger rage and violent outbursts.
Dozens of McCoy descendants apparently have the disease, which causes high blood pressure, racing hearts, severe headaches and too much adrenaline and other ”fight or flight” stress hormones.
No one blames the whole feud on this, but doctors say it could help explain some of the clan’s notorious behavior.
”This condition can certainly make anybody short-tempered, and if they are prone because of their personality, it can add fuel to the fire,” said Dr. Revi Mathew, a Vanderbilt University endocrinologist treating one of the family members.
The Hatfields and McCoys have a storied and deadly history dating to Civil War times. Their generations of fighting over land, timber rights and even a pig are the subject of dozens of books, songs and countless jokes. Unfortunately for Appalachia, the feud is one of its greatest sources of fame.
Several genetic experts have known about the disease plaguing some of the McCoys for decades, but kept it secret. The Associated Press learned of it after several family members revealed their history to Vanderbilt doctors, who are trying to find more McCoy relatives to warn them of the risk.
One doctor who had researched the family for decades called them the ”McC kindred” in a 1998 medical journal article tracing the disease through four generations.
”He said something about us never being able to get insurance” if the full family name was used, said Rita Reynolds, a Bristol, Tenn., woman with the disease. She says she is a McCoy descendant and has documents from the doctor showing his work on her family.
She is speaking up now so distant relatives might realize their risk and get help before the condition proves fatal, as it did to many of her ancestors.
Back then, ”we didn’t even know this existed,” she said. ”They just up and died.”
Von Hippel-Lindau disease, which afflicts many family members, can cause tumors in the eyes, ears, pancreas, kidney, brain and spine. Roughly three-fourths of the affected McCoys have pheochromocytomas - tumors of the adrenal gland.

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Happy Easter!

I still don't know what happened here. But if nothing else it has been entertaining watching the rhetorical exchange. I've seen the footage of the British "confessions" of wrong doing but I've also seen the lone female in the crew smoking cigarettes and smiling along with the rest of the detainees. The Iranians gave them "new suits" to go home" along with goody bags. This is sheer comedy no matter what went on behind the scenes. Is world politics really this simple?

Iran on Thursday morning released the 15 British sailors and marines it seized at sea nearly two weeks ago, resolving a diplomatic impasse with what Iran’s president called a “gift” to the British people.

In announcing his intentions on Wednesday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that although Iran had every right to try the Britons on charges of trespassing in Iranian territorial waters, it would instead forgive them and allow them to go home.

The captives met with the British ambassador to Iran late Wednesday night, the Foreign Office said. But a spokesman said they were still in Iranian custody and that their travel arrangements were still being made.

About 7 a.m. Thursday in Tehran (4:30 a.m. in London), the Britons arrived at the airport for an 8 a.m. commercial flight to London, Reuters said. Shortly before 8:30, Iran Radio reported the plane had left.

On Wednesday, Iranian state television showed the president smiling, chatting and shaking the hands of some of the captives. Dressed in ill-fitting clothes apparently issued by their captors, the Britons waited in line to meet the president, looking almost as if they were a visiting sports team. “We are grateful for your forgiveness,” one said to Mr. Ahmadinejad, seemingly off the cuff.

News of the planned release, after days of behind-the-scenes diplomatic maneuvering, brought a peaceful, almost anticlimactic end to a crisis that began on March 23 when the Britons were seized in the disputed waters of the Shatt al-Arab waterway, just north of the Persian Gulf.

In London, Prime Minister Tony Blair suggested that the resolution was a vindication of Britain’s two-pronged strategy of conciliation laced with toughness.

“Throughout, we have taken a measured approach, firm but calm, not negotiating but not confronting either,” Mr. Blair said. Britain bore no ill will toward the Iranian people, he told reporters, and respected Iran’s “proud and dignified history.”

Officials denied that concessions were made for the Britons’ release. But on Tuesday, an Iranian diplomat held by Iraqi forces for eight weeks was released, and on Wednesday, American officials said they were reviewing an informal request from the Iranian government for an envoy to visit five Iranians imprisoned after an American raid in northern Iraq in January.


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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Never Again!

I am usually up at the crack of dawn watching either C-Span or CNN but every now and then I catch a bit of grumpy old Imus In The Morning. Never again. This is uncalled for!

On the April 4 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning, host Don Imus referred to the Rutgers University women's basketball team, which is comprised of eight African-American and two white players, as "nappy-headed hos" immediately after the show's executive producer, Bernard McGuirk, called the team "hard-core hos." Later, former Imus sports announcer Sid Rosenberg, who was filling in for sportscaster Chris Carlin, said: "The more I look at Rutgers, they look exactly like the [National Basketball Association's] Toronto Raptors."

McGuirk referred to the NCAA women's basketball championship game between Rutgers and Tennessee as a "Spike Lee thing," adding, "The Jigaboos vs. The Wannabees -- that movie that he had." McGuirk was presumably referring to Lee's 1988 film, School Daze (Sony Pictures), though co-host Charles McCord misidentified it as "Do the Right Thing"

Why is this kind of stuff becoming increasingly acceptable and more common? What are these ex/current drunks so angry about? Why are they so ignorant, sexist and racist?

Triple UGH!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

John McCain: Liar

... and I have NO idea what he has to gain.

A day after members of an American Congressional delegation led by Senator John McCain pointed to their brief visit to Baghdad’s central market as evidence that the new security plan for the city was working, the merchants there were incredulous about the Americans’ conclusions.

“What are they talking about?” Ali Jassim Faiyad, the owner of an electrical appliances shop in the market, said Monday. “The security procedures were abnormal!”

The delegation arrived at the market, which is called Shorja, on Sunday with more than 100 soldiers in armored Humvees — the equivalent of an entire company — and attack helicopters circled overhead, a senior American military official in Baghdad said. The soldiers redirected traffic from the area and restricted access to the Americans, witnesses said, and sharpshooters were posted on the roofs. The congressmen wore bulletproof vests throughout their hourlong visit.

“They paralyzed the market when they came,” Mr. Faiyad said during an interview in his shop on Monday. “This was only for the media.”

He added, “This will not change anything.”

At a news conference shortly after their outing, Mr. McCain, an Arizona Republican, and his three Congressional colleagues described Shorja as a safe, bustling place full of hopeful and warmly welcoming Iraqis — “like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime,” offered Representative Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican who was a member of the delegation.

But the market that the congressmen said they saw is fundamentally different from the market Iraqis know.

Merchants and customers say that a campaign by insurgents to attack Baghdad’s markets has put many shop owners out of business and forced radical changes in the way people shop. Shorja, the city’s oldest and largest market, set in a sprawling labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways, has been bombed at least a half-dozen times since last summer.

The fund raising numbers are in and he is third to a flip-flopping Morman and a world class adulterer who has no problem cross-dressing. Has he lost his day-um mind?


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Uncle Ben Goes Benson

I'm not sure what to say. I actually like the rice and conveniently forget about good old Uncle Ben as the "mascot" for the brand. Now that I think about it, it is 2007 and we have two prominent brands who still refer to blacks as Aunt and Uncle. Are they making things worse by now turning Uncle Ben into the Chairman of the board?

“We wanted to know if there was something there we could utilize to talk about new products, existing products, the values of the company,” Mr. Shands said, adding that both black and white consumers described the character as someone “they know and love.”

“Through the magic of marketing, we’ve made him the chairman,” Mr. Shands said. Uncle Ben’s office, he said, is “reflective of a man with great wisdom who has done great things.”

Magazine ads in the campaign, which carries the theme “Ben knows best,” present a painting of the character in a gold frame with the chairman’s title affixed on a plaque.

The painting is also on display on the home page of the redesigned Web site, which offers a virtual tour of Ben’s office. Visitors can browse through his e-mail messages, examine his datebook and read his executive memorandums.

“It’s important consumers begin to hear from Uncle Ben,” said Mr. Howell of Masterfoods, who is based in Los Angeles.

Despite the character’s impressive new credentials, some advertising executives expressed skepticism that the campaign could avoid negative overtones.

The ads are “asking us to make the leap from Uncle Ben being someone who looks like a butler to overnight being a chairman of the board,” Ms. Kern Foxworth said. “It does not work for me.”

“I applaud them for the effort and trying to move forward,” she added, but the decision to keep the same portrait of Uncle Ben, bow tie and all, also dismayed her because “they’re trying so hard to hold onto something I’m trying so hard to get rid of.”

Howard Buford, chief executive at Prime Access in New York, an agency specializing in multicultural campaigns, said he gave the campaign’s creators some credit. “It’s potentially a very creative way to handle the baggage of old racial stereotypes as advertising icons,” he said, but “it’s going to take a lot of work to get it right and make it ring true.”

For instance, Mr. Buford said, noting all the “Ben” references in the ads, “Rarely do you have someone of that stature addressed by his first name” — and minus any signs of a surname.

Mr. Buford, who is a real-life black leader of a company, likened the promotion of Uncle Ben to the abrupt plot twists on TV series like “Benson” and “Designing Women,” when black characters in subservient roles one season became professionals the next.

Like Mr. Buford, the first thing that came to mind was Benson and the "good intention" of trying to upgrade Uncle Ben seems more like a joke than progress. Nice try but le sigh!

Hat tip to the other "State Of ..."

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At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Temple3 said...

Merrill Lynch - headed by Uncle Stan? Amex - headed by Uncle Ken.

Honestly Q, my thing is that as long as white folks and their coonspirators want to hang on to these images, there ain't much room for dialogue.

Sad, sad, sad.


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

If You Can Read This, You Are Too Close

I don't know if the Brits were in Iranian waters or not but they must have been close enough for it to be in question - no matter what coordinates both sides are claiming. It's not like the US doesn't have hundreds of detainees being held for various reasons and it's not like the UK isn't occupying an Arab nation - illegally according to most in the Middle East. I don't know what Iran is hoping to gain by this but I don't think when you invade, destroy and occupy what was a sovereign nation, you can accuse another nation, who is actually part of the region, of being out of line.

President Bush on Saturday condemned Iran's seizure of 15 British sailors and marines as "inexcusable behavior" and demanded that the "hostages" be released, weighing in for the first time as the situation escalates into a sustained confrontation with Tehran.

Bush said the sailors had been operating legally in Iraqi territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, as the British have insisted, and not in Iranian waters, and he offered support for British Prime Minister Tony Blair's efforts "to resolve this peacefully." But he rejected any "quid pro quo" trade of Iranians held by U.S. forces in Iraq and ducked a question about whether military force would be justified to free the captured sailors.

"The Iranians must give back the hostages," the president told reporters at a brief question-and-answer session at Camp David after a meeting with the visiting Brazilian president. "They're innocent, they were doing nothing, and they were summarily plucked out of the water. As I say, it's inexcusable behavior."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his own first public comments on the standoff Saturday, accusing Britain of arrogance and complaining that it should not have "shouted in different international councils," according to Iranian state radio. "This is not the legal and logical way" to act, he said in Khuzestan, a province that borders the Persian Gulf.


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Student/Teacher Meetings

After listening to tales out of school by numerous male friends, this student/teacher sex thing between male students and female teachers is not a new thing. Because men are socialized differently, I do think that, while not legal, the impact of these liaisons is not quite the same as the sexual scandals between male teachers and female students. But, this mess just seems nasty.

The arrest of two women teachers on charges of having sex with their male students has brought cries of lingering racism in one of South Carolina's most conservative counties and evoked some of the South's oldest and deepest-seated racial taboos.

Both women are white. The boys six in all are black.

Some of the blacks who make up more than a quarter of Laurens County's 70,000 residents are upset over the handling of the two cases, particularly the release of the teachers on bail.

They say the cases reflect the way crimes by whites against blacks in the segregated South were treated less seriously than other offenses, and blacks who leveled accusations against whites were less likely to be believed.

"If this had been black teachers, they would not be out of jail right now," said Corinnie Young, a 49-year-old bookstore employee who is black.


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Why Blacks Should Care About The US Attorney Scandal

Think about it.

Although evidence of a direct connection between the fired U.S. Attorney’s refusal to bring voter fraud cases is incomplete, there is every indication that a great deal more information will surface if congressional investigators are given a free hand. Since 2000, the Bush Administration has used the Justice Department Civil Rights Division to tweak law enforcement to advance Republican political fortunes in closely contested states by attacking black voters. In every election under the current Administration, the Republican Party has funded voter suppression programs aimed at African Americans and other reliably Democratic populations. Not surprisingly, the Justice Department has turned a blind eye to these legally questionable programs. At the same time, the Bush Justice Department has approved Republican-backed redistricting decisions in Mississippi and Texas that have disadvantaged Blacks and Latinos and benefited white Republicans; plans that many non-partisan, career Justice Department attorneys who reviewed them believed violated the Voting Rights Act. It has also given its blessing to a Republican voter ID bill out of Georgia that one federal judge likened to a poll tax. Bush appointees in the Justice Department have also decreased voting rights enforcement and brought the first “reverse discrimination” case under the Voting Rights Act. In this unprecedented suit, Justice Department attorneys charged the black Democratic leadership of Noxubee County, Mississippi with violating the rights of the white minority. This pattern of abuse in the Civil Rights Division suggests that the Bush Administration is in not squeamish about using the Justice Department for political ends. It is only common sense, then, to suspect that the Bush Administration would try to use the rest of the Justice Department in a similar fashion.

In light of this pattern of deceptive and illegal behavior, black folk should not only be demanding that the White House cooperate with Congress in the investigation of the above mentioned firings, but that Congress broaden the investigation. After all, the Bush Administration’s use of the law enforcement functions of the executive branch for partisan political purposes has not been limited to the Justice Department. Only months before the 2004 election, the IRS initiated an audit of the NAACP, one of the largest voter registration organizations in the black community. The official explanation for this action was that the organization’s Board Chairman, Julian Bond, criticized the President and his policies in a speech, thereby violating the ban on non-profits endorsing or funding candidates for office. The investigation has since been dropped for lack of evidence, precedent, and, to be frank, legality.

So, as the House and Senate Judiciary Committees move forward with their investigations into the firing of those eight U.S. Attorneys, be sure to tune out the Administration propaganda about executive privilege – which has so often been used by Presidents past and present, Democrat and Republican to cover up illegal acts. Support those individuals like Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) who are seeking a full and public airing of the facts by demanding that those White House officials involved in the firings give sworn testimony in an open committee hearing. And be sure to write to your members of Congress and tell them that you are interested in widening the hearings to explore all of the ways that the Bush Administration has sought to make the nation’s law enforcement agencies tools of the Republican Party. Your access to the ballot in the next election could very well hang in the balance.


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But He's Not Racist ...

Do people understand that racism is not about wearing a sheet? I grew up in Chicago. I know first hand the kind of racism that exists there. It's just like this:

Walsh has been accused of asking about the race of a paramedic requesting time off for a family emergency and is being investigated for "conduct unbecoming" a member of the department.

The alleged incident happened March 3, when a paramedic's child was hospitalized. The medic asked his supervisor for permission to leave work early. That supervisor in turn asked Walsh, who the fire department said is accused of asking whether the medic was black or white.

After being told the medic was black, Walsh allegedly said that a replacement would have to be lined up before the leave would be granted.

This morning, Walsh, with his wife at his side, completely denied the allegations. "I'm not a racist, not a bigot," he said, adding that he believed there was "a hidden agenda" behind the allegations.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger mark said...

Hello Qusan I think it would be wise to wait for the all of the facts to come out in this situation before making any judgments or announcements.

I will be following this case to see exactly what is going on. Good post man


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Yup! The Surge Is Working!

John McCain went to Iraq to see for himself that the surge is working ... like he can get a good view from a heavily guarded convoy or a couple nights in the green zone. How can this be working when this many soldiers are still getting killed on almost a daily basis?

Six U.S. soldiers have been killed in roadside bombings southwest of Baghdad, the military said in a statement on Sunday.

Two soldiers were killed by an explosion during a patrol on Saturday and four more were killed when another improvised explosive device detonated on Sunday near a unit responding to the earlier attack.


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Muslim Women Play House Negroes

You give people a little power and they will work against their own best interests. This is a shame!

Yikes. A story from the Associated Press today gives a new meaning to the idea that women can be everything men can be. In this case they can be violent Islamic vigilantes. A bunch of female seminary students in Pakistan recently kidnapped a woman, along with several of her female relatives, and accused her of running a brothel. The police never showed up to investigate the kidnapping and the woman ended up being paraded before reporters and freed only after promising to live "a pious life." (After being released, she was so distressed at the way she'd been treated that she also "threatened to become a Christian.") The kidnappers, who are students at a hard-line Muslim seminary, claimed to have gotten information about "bad deeds" being done, and promised to act against the family as part of an anti-vice campaign created to embarrass the government.

The government has pledged to control Pakistan's thousands of religious schools, some of which operate as recruiting grounds for jihadists, but increasingly aggressive tactics by extremists often leave the police looking weak or simply apathetic. And it seems that not only suspected madams are in danger of the new vigilante justice. On Wednesday, authorities arrested two female teachers and two male students from the same seminary for warning Islamabad stores not to sell "un-Islamic" music and movies. In response, hundreds of protesters took to the streets, clubbing a plainclothes officer and seizing two policemen, who were only released after the police released their detainees. Islamic extremists have also occupied the only children's library in Islamabad to protest the government's decision to demolish a mosque because it occupies government land. When police and children's libraries aren't safe, it's hard to know what is.

These increasingly violent events affecting ordinary people in a capital city has made some observers worry about the future of Pakistan as a "moderate" Islamic country. Commenting on the "growing Talibanization in the country," an editorial in the News noted: "What's disturbing is that this isn't happening in some remote tribal region, but in the heart of the federal capital." What's also disturbing is that the extremist religious schools seem to be recruiting a new generation of women willing to become revolutionaries to ensure their own subjugation.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger mark said...

Yo Qusan this is a primary reason why I am growing to dislike/even hate all religion everyday.

Beyond all of the actions of these extremist is that part in the bible/koran that says anyone who dosent share the same religious beliefs as I do is going hell forever, the problem with this thinking is even the different sects of religions do this to one aother.

I believe that when Jehova witness says to a catholic that you are going to hell because you are not a Jehova witness, I translate this to mean if you dont share my religious views you are not a human bieng.

As long as religions are allowed to enjoy the credibility they do without proving the things the claim are true and as long as religions featuring normally thoughtful human biengs can express complete intolerance for all other religions and the people who follow them this type of non sense will continue to happen.

The real problem is the intolerance and backwardness of most religions. Good post Qusan


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